Fireplace and introduction

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Fireplaces, English name: fireplace, and masonry heater are open burning, the latter has a structure that is closed for combustion for heating purposes.

It is a device for heating the fire in the interior of the wall. Originally used in Western countries, the fireplace has a decorative effect and considerable practical value, and is highly popular in Northern Europe. According to the culture of different countries, it is divided into: Finnish style, Russian style, American fireplace, English fireplace, French fireplace, Spanish style, etc. The shape is different.

The basic structure of the fireplace includes: mantel and fireplace core, flue. The mantelpiece serves as a decoration. The fireplace core serves a practical function and the flue is used for exhaust. Mantels are classified according to their materials: marble mantels, wooden mantels, marble mantels (resin), and stacked mantels. Fireplace cores are classified according to fuel: electric fireplaces, real fire fireplaces (carbon burning, wood burning), gas fireplaces (natural gas).

Real fire fireplaces must be supported by architectural design, requiring chimneys and furnaces. The hearth can be either a cast iron fireplace core or a refractory brick stack. If there is no chimney, it can also be replaced by cast iron pipe. The diameter of the cast iron pipe is not less than 12cm and the inner diameter is not less than 11cm. There are generally flue designs in Western countries. Therefore, the real fire fireplace is also widely used in Western countries. The electric fireplace is simple to install, and the mantelpiece is used by the domestic type with no flue design. After all, domestic ordinary urban dwellings are limited by the structure of the house, and the heating method is central heating. The fireplace has many decorative ingredients and is of little practical value. The real fire fireplace is mainly used in villas in China, but there are not many examples of excellent design and construction, which limits the heating value of the fireplace. Some fireplaces incorporate an oven for toasting, pizza or for roasting. In recent years, many domestic fireplaces have been installed with fireplaces, but it is still rare to play the efficient heating function of European fireplaces in the true sense.